Learn To Fly 2 Unblocked

Almost people know that penguins can not fly in the air like the other birds. However, when entering the main screen of Learn To Fly 2 game, you will catch the special penguin. Why is he special? It's because he loves flying and wants to fly like the other birds. Although spending tons of failures, he keeps trying. That's why you should show your goodness and set foot in this cool game to aid him as soon as possible.Click on "Start" button and see an introduction about this penguin. Then begin to carry out the major aim. Truly, it is not tough to execute. All that the players just do is to get the penguin as far as possible in distance and altitude. For each jump, they can take more dollars for the duration of time the penguin in the air, the altitude, how damage he causes and the speed he reaches.

The most terrific thing is that the control is extremely simple. Tap left arrow key to tilt back and right arrow key to tilt forward. Meanwhile, spacebar key is to boost (if purchasing necessary items). For some first days, the players just keep the penguin as flat as possible in such a way that he skips a stone on the surface of the water. After buying the first glider, they should start planning some strategies in order to attain the best result for each flying day. Generally speaking, just remember that the main objective is to fly as long, far, and high as possible. Relying on that, you will receive more dollars for flight distance and altitude and flight time adds a multiplier. Besides, please take notice of some achievements for each level. You need to guide the penguin to attain a particular number of achievements to unlock the other levels and fulfill it to get more dollars.

When mentioning about upgrades in Learn To Fly 2 Unblocked game, there are six options to choose. Certainly, all are simple to carry out. Bear in mind that upgrading Ramp Height can make you begin higher up while Acceleration can make the ramp slipperier. That means the penguin can begin quicker. If upgrading Air Resistance for a long speed, you also upgrade a good Glider, too. Don't mind increasing the speed by purchasing more Rockets and Rocket Fuel.With a clear guidance for playing this interesting game, why are you hesitant? Go with the penguin and relish awesome moments now!


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